Academic Advising

The mission of Windward Community College counselors is to educate, challenge, and empower our diverse student population through respect, understanding, and advocacy. 

This mission is reflected in our Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will access accurate and appropriate information with regard to their academic status, resource availability, and the next step in their educational path.
  2. Counselors will foster student engagement through promoting a relationship based on trust (consistency and reliable information), respect and multiple contacts.
  3. Students will develop critical thinking through Identifying Resources; Evaluating Options; Establishing Priorities; Designing Education Plans and Implementing Actions.

Academic advisors are available to help students develop a program of study to meet their educational objectives. In meeting with an academic advisor, students will have an opportunity to develop an individualized educational plan along with a program of academic support throughout their college experience. Students will also receive guidance in academic planning through assistance in course selection.

Academic advising sessions for both traditional and distance learning (online) students are conducted throughout the registration period and may be arranged on an appointment basis by calling the Counseling Office at 808-235-7413 or by scheduling an appointment via STAR Balance.