Academic Rights and Freedoms of Students

Windward Community College embraces those aspects of academic freedom that guarantee the freedom to teach and the freedom to learn. Free inquiry and free expression for both students and faculty are indispensable and inseparable. As members of the academic community, students are encouraged to develop a capacity for critical judgment and to engage in a sustained and independent search for truth.


Regular class attendance is expected of all students, including distance learning (online) students, who must regularly log in to the course laulima site and complete tasks and assignments in a timely manner. Students who stop attending classes or never attended classes are likely to receive an F grade and are responsible for any tuition/fees. To avoid this, official withdrawal must be made by the deadline. Refer to the Academic Calendar or Schedule of Classes for drop/withdrawal dates.

Participation Verification

Under this policy, students who fail to establish attendance and participation in class by the end of the late registration period (“no show”) may be dropped from the class.  Tuition and fees charges for the class will be deleted from the student’s account and, if applicable, the student’s financial aid or veteran’s benefits will be recalculated accordingly.  The class will be erased from the transcript and no grade will be assigned.  In order to implement this policy, faculty members must verify initial participation of students registered in their courses by the end of the late registration period for that term.  

Electronic Communications

UH email is the official means of communication within the university/college. Students are responsible for checking their email account frequently and consistently to remain current with the university/college communications. Students are expected to monitor and manage their email storage quota to ensure that their mailboxes are not saturated and are able to receive new messages.