AQUA 106L: Small Scale Aquaculture Laboratory

Credits 1 Lab Hours 3

Companion laboratory to AQUA 106, Small Scale Aquaculture. Practical, hands-on experiences in small scale aquaculture. Laboratory/field trip class.


Credit for or registration in AQUA 106.

Course Outcomes
  • Construct and operate different kinds of small-scale aquaculture systems.
  • Identify and classify common species of aquaculture organisms.
  • Identify anatomical (internal and external) features of aquaculture organisms.
  • Operate a small-scale aquaculture system to successful harvest of target species.
  • Monitor culture conditions (physical, chemical and biological) in small-scale aquaculture systems.
  • Demonstrate techniques for the cultivation of live food cultivation.
  • Demonstrate techniques for the reproduction of aquaculture species.