AQUA 201: The Hawai‘i Fishpond

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
An introduction into the history, development, biology and ecology, management, restoration, and future of Hawaiian fishponds. This course will study traditional Hawaiian fishponds, merging traditional knowledge with the principles of modern Western science.
Course Outcomes
  • Explain the process and philosophical basis of scientific inquiry.
  • Distinguish between the types of traditional Hawaiian fishponds, the history of their construction and use throughout the Hawaiian Islands, how and where they were constructed, their operation and management, their characteristics, and their biota.
  • Describe the oceanography, biology and ecology of Hawaiian fishponds.
  • Describe the basic principles of aquaculture, including pond dynamics, feeding regimes, cultivated species propagation and growth, disease management, production, harvesting and maintenance.
  • Discuss the status of Hawaiian fishponds in modern times, including their restoration and their future.