AQUA 201L: The Hawai‘i Fishpond Lab

Credits 1 Lab Hours 3

An introduction into the history, development, biology and ecology, management, restoration, and future of Hawaiian fishponds. This course will study traditional Hawaiian fishponds, merging traditional knowledge with the principles of modern Western science.


Credit for or registration in AQUA 201 or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Use the scientific method of inquiry to study a Hawaiian fishpond.
  • Apply the concepts learned in AQUA 201 to an experimental and hands-on observational setting.
  • Use analytical tools and instruments to study the oceanography, biology and ecology of Hawaiian fishponds.
  • Collect, reduce, and interpret data.
  • Prepare written objective reports describing and interpreting experimental and observational results.
  • Identify and classify common fishpond species.
  • Design a Hawaiian fishpond.
  • Manage all aspects of a Hawaiian fishpond.