ART 101: Introduction to the Visual Arts

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
Art101 is an introductory course that focuses on the question “What is the nature of visual art?” and the forms and conditions under which art is expressed. Projects will be required. Independent field trips to art galleries may be required.
Course Outcomes
  • Identify how an appreciation of the visual arts’ influences the quality of life.
  • Analyze how the elements of form and principles of design work together with the creative process to produce a work of art.
  • Describe individual art disciplines, media and specific methods of making art.
  • Define major historical and contemporary movements in art and discuss how art reflects its time and culture.
  • Execute studio art projects in order to experience visual concepts, art disciplines and media in each of the following:
    • Maintain a comprehensive sketchbook demonstrating understanding of the elements of art.
    • Create at least one basic 2D and 3D studio art project, utilizing media specific to the successful outcome of each project.
    • Execute one project based upon art history or museum observation.