ART 105C: Introduction to Ceramics–wheelthrowing

Credits 3
Studio Hours
Studio experience mainly for non-majors. Introduction to the potter’s wheel. Emphasis on techniques of forming basic wheelthrown shapes on the electric or kick wheel. Emphasis also on decorating, glazing, and firing of ceramic pieces. NOTE: Art Majors: ART 105B and ART 105C must both be taken to receive equivalency at UH Mānoa as an art elective. Liberal Arts Students: ART 105B or ART 105C will transfer to fulfill the Humanities DA core requirements.
Course Outcomes
  • Demonstrate through finished ceramic objects a basic understanding of wheel throwing techniques.
  • Comprehend and sensitively apply the visual elements of line, shape, color, texture, volume and mass and the design principles of balance, rhythm, dominance, contrast variation and unity to the execution of ceramic objects.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of color and color theory as it relates to the use of glazes.
  • Complete the creative problem-solving process from planning and discovery to implementation and evaluation.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of drawing as a means of notation, conceptualization and visual organization.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of historic and contemporary examples of ceramics.
  • Begin to use the ceramic process to express personal imagery.
  • Demonstrate an ability to articulate the concepts and intent of a finished ceramic piece.