ART 115: Introduction to 2D Design

Credits 3
Studio Hours
Art 115 is an introductory course, which focuses on the basic design concepts, elements and principles of art. This course emphasizes projects in basic two-dimensional design.
Course Outcomes
  • Become familiar with and successfully use the principles of design to develop individual creative designs and dynamic compositions.
  • Use a variety of strategies to create and evaluate the creative problem-solving process through intuitive processes, revisions and risk-taking, to arrive at a final composition.
  • Demonstrate proper use of diverse media and materials to produce a work of art.
  • Evaluate and critique works of art and presentation by using art terminology.
  • Identify historic references within the theory and practice of design.
  • Organize a portfolio of works that demonstrate aesthetic understanding of the principles of design, elements of form, and appropriate presentation of art.