ART 207: Intermediate Photography: Black and White

Credits 3
Studio Hours

Basic techniques and aesthetics of black and white photography; the camera as a tool for communication and self expression. Student must have a film camera with adjustable shutter speeds and aperture settings. Up to 6 credits applicable toward A.A. degree.


Credit for ART 107 or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Perform and apply intermediate photographic techniques with camera operations; black and white film processing; darkroom print enlargement and manipulation; and systems of exposure and development for film.
  • Show proficiency in skills and concepts relative to the practice of photography as a means of visual communication and self-expression.
  • Be able to discuss the traditions and history of photography.
  • Demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in the creative problem-solving process; personal insight; craftsmanship; and technical, aesthetic and critical concepts.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills by effectively critiquing and analyzing photographic imagery.