ART 220: The Windward Atelier (AKA Atelier Hawai‘i) Intensive Study in Drawing and Painting

Credits 6
Studio Hours
Art 220 is an intensive course of study in the classical techniques of drawing and painting. Cast drawing, portraiture and figure painting will be the focus of instruction. The Windward Atelier is designed primarily for those students who have some prior studio experience in drawing; however, students of all skill levels are welcome.
Course Outcomes
  • Develop observational drawing and painting skills using classical measuring and sighting techniques, mapping, and memory to make accurate depictions from plaster casts and the live figure model.
  • Perceive, key, and record values accurately and effectively in observational drawings and paintings.
  • Execute the painting processes, from preliminary drawings and canvas preparation to the completion of a painting, including the proper use and care of the painter’s studio implements.
  • Discuss and critique work based on classical drawing and painting concepts and techniques.