Articulated Transfer Programs

UH Hilo Agreements

Windward Community College (Windward CC) has a program-to-program articulation with UH Hilo for Astronomy and Geology, which spells out the requirements for Windward CC students who wish to earn a BS degree in either discipline from UH Hilo. For more information on which Windward CC classes will transfer directly into either the Astronomy BS degree program or the Geology BA and BS degree programs at UH Hilo please contact a counselor.

In addition, a memorandum of understanding exists that provides for coordination and cooperation between UH Hilo and Windward CC for a Pre-Pharmacy Preferred Admissions Pathway that facilitates an efficient pathway preparing students who may be interested in the Doctor of Pharmacy ("Pharm.D.") degree at UH Hilo's Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy.

UH West Oʻahu Agreements

Windward CC has several agreements with UH West O‘ahu in which students may enter as juniors in specific baccalaureate programs.  These are listed below as follows.

Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts degree with the appropriate coursework, a student can be accepted and enter as a junior into the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media with Concentrations in Communications and New Media Technologies, Design and Media, General Creative Media, or Video Game Design and Development.

Upon completion of the Associate in Arts degree in Hawaiian Studies, a student can be accepted and enter as a junior into either the Bachelor in Applied Science with a concentration in Sustainable Community Food Systems (SCFS) or the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in Hawaiian-Pacific Studies. The Sustainable Community Food Systems (SCFS) is a degree program that prepares students for jobs in the sustainable food and agriculture sector in Hawai‘i and beyond. It is a multi-disciplinary, experiential and applied education program about key ecological and social issues in food and agricultural systems created to develop food system professionals capable of solving real-world problems and transitioning Hawai‘i agriculture toward greater ecological sustainability and social equity. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities with a concentration in Hawaiian-Pacific Studies offers a wide array of courses on Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands, enabling students to gain an overview of Pacific Island peoples and an in-depth knowledge of specific aspects of the cultures of Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

Windward CC students completing the Associate in Science degree in Natural Science with a concentration in Information and Communication Technology are provided with a smooth transition into the UH West Oʻahu Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Security and Assurance program.

For more information on these and other articulated programs, please see a counselor.