ERTH 101: Introduction to Geology

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3

The natural physical environment; the landscape; rocks and minerals, rivers and oceans; volcanism, earthquakes and other processes inside the Earth; effects of human use on the Earth and its resources. Field trip.

Course Outcomes
  • Explain the relevance of geology and geophysics to human needs, including those appropriate to Hawai‘i, and be able to discuss issues related to geology and its impact on society and planet Earth.
  • Apply technical knowledge of relevant computer applications, laboratory methods, and field methods to solve real-world problems in geology and geophysics.
  • Use the scientific method to define, critically analyze, and solve a problem in earth science.
  • Reconstruct, clearly and ethically, geological knowledge in both oral presentations and written reports.
  • Evaluate, interpret, and summarize the basic principles of geology and geophysics, including the fundamental tenets of the sub-disciplines, and their context in relationship to other core sciences, to explain complex phenomena in geology and geophysics.