HLTH 123C : Introduction to Clinical Skills and Patient Care

HLTH 123C will be taught by a registered nurse and satisfies the requirements for the State of Hawaii Certified Nurses Aide Licensure. This course provides an opportunity for students to discover their suitability for a career in direct client care and clinical medicine. Personal and cultural values and practices, professional conduct, and team-based care will be explored. In depth study will focus on medical terminology, common illnesses, interviewing patients, clinical cases, health care service models, workforce, and provider organizations. Safety/OSHA/HIPPA, CPR/AED certification, payor systems and health ethics. Concepts and skills learned will be supplemented with site visits to healthcare facilities and guest lectures from selected healthcare professionals.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain the relationship, interplay, and trust between patients and providers;
  • Distinguish different levels of healthcare, types of care, healthcare workforce and provider organizations;
  • Perform skill sets pertaining to patient-centered care;
  • Communicate effectively in written and verbal forms.

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Lecture Hours: