MATH 103: College Algebra

Credits 4 Lecture Hours 4

Linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, functions, fractional expressions and equations, exponents, powers, roots, quadratic equations and functions; rational, exponential and logarithmic functions.


ā€œCā€ or better in MATH 25, 26, 29, 82 or equivalent


enrollment in MATH 88, satisfactory math placement test score, or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Graph or interpret algebraic relations that are relevant to the topics in this course.
  • Employ algebraic techniques to find the solutions to equations or inequalities, or systems of equations or inequalities appropriate to the level of this course.
  • Use algebraic techniques to analyze and solve applied problems.
  • Utilize precise mathematical language and symbols to effectively communicate mathematics in written and/or oral form.