Graduation Requirements

Writing Intensive (WI) Courses are part of a University of Hawai‘i systemwide movement to incorporate more writing in courses from all disciplines. A WI course is a discipline-specific course in which writing plays a major integrated role. Students in course sections designated as a “WI” (preceding the course title in the Schedule of Classes) learn to understand course content through writing and to write in ways appropriate to that discipline.  English 100 is a prerequisite before students take the two required WI courses for the Associate in Arts degree. Students transferring to some bachelor’s degree campuses in the UH system may bring two or three WI courses with them to count for the bachelor’s degree. The hallmarks of a writing intensive course are:

  • Writing promotes learning of course content.
  • Writing is considered to be a process in which multiple drafts are encouraged.
  • Writing contributes significantly to each student’s course grade.
  • Students do a substantial amount of writing, a minimum of 4,000 words. Depending on the types of writing appropriate to the discipline, students may write critical essays or reviews, journal entries, lab reports, research reports or reaction papers.