PHIL 102: Introduction to Asian Philosophy: Asian Traditions

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
Introductory course in selected schools of Asian thought. Universal issues/problems examined from Asian perspective. Focus will be on Indian, Chinese, and Japanese traditions.
Course Outcomes
  • Compare, contrast, and evaluate Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and European thought in terms of their respective views of (a) human nature, (b) the nature of goodness, (c) the good life.
  • Identify and discuss contributions of schools of Asian philosophy and the influence of each on the other through a historical perspective.
  • Discuss terms and concepts like “satori”, “anatta”, “jen” and evaluate their relevance (significance) for the West.
  • Analyze Indian, Chinese, and Japanese thought in terms of (a) methodology, metaphysics, and ethics in order to better understand Asian concerns.