SCI 160B : Polynesian Voyaging and Seamanship

This course focuses on the fundamentals of voyaging and sea-manship by blending the traditions of Polynesian culture, history and skills with modern science and technology. An interdisciplinary approach is used in treating topics in Hawaiian studies, astronomy, geology, oceanography, meteorology, marine biology, ethnobotany and archaeology of Polynesia and Hawai’i.


SCI 160L

Course Outcomes

  • Describe the basic geography of Polynesia.
  • Apply the fundamental concepts in positional astronomy (including the seasons) and identify of two of the four recognized star lines used for navigation.
  • Explain the basic principals in wayfinding (non-instrument navigation).
  • Discuss Polynesian migration as gleaned from archaeological findings.
  • Discuss Polynesian mythology and cosmology, especially as related to voyaging.
  • Apply the basic concepts in geology, especially of the Pacific area.
  • Discuss fundamentals of weather forecasting as related to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Identify native and Hawaiian plants, especially those used in voyaging.

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