SCI 260L : Polynesian Voyaging and Stewardship Lab

Laboratory/field trip course designed to apply knowledge of Polynesian skills and modern science to the impact on the environment due to human settlement, especially in Hawai’i. Laboratory activities will further develop student skills in sailing, sail planning and navigation. Students are expected to undertake mentorship roles in disseminating their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the community. Optional coastal and/or inter-island voyaging field trips may be offered. (Students will be responsible for fees for each activity.)


1. Credit for SCI 160L or consent of instructor. 2. Minimum water skills and survival requirements: Students must demonstrate an ability to swim a minimum of 500 yards in the open ocean using any strokes, except back stroke; ability to tread water for 30 minutes in the open ocean. (Note. Accredited water skill and survival tests passed within the past year are acceptable upon instructor approval. The “swim test” must be completed by the date of the first sailing lab.) 3. Health clearance: from a licensed physician must be provided. (Note. Health clearance submitted within the past year is acceptable upon instructor approval. Health clearance must be submitted by the date of the first sailing lab.)


SCI 260B.

Course Outcomes

  • Respond to navigational and environmental problems using knowledge of constellations, wayfinding geology, oceanography, weather forecasting, and ecology.
  • Apply basic sailing and navigational skills to prepare and carry out a sailing plan.
  • Plan and prepare a balanced diet for voyaging.
  • Strengthen swimming skills and water safety skills.
  • Mentor others in the basics of Polynesian sailing and environmental stewardship.

Course Details