SP 181: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
Introduction to basic principles of interaction between two people. Emphasis is on enhancement of skills in a variety of interpersonal contexts.

Placement in ENG 21 or ENG 23 or higher.

Course Outcomes
  • Analyze situations in terms of communication models, identifying perspective and perception.
  • Demonstrate improvement in listening skills through tests and critical analysis of other students by avoiding listening problems and practicing guidelines for listener feedback.
  • Determine the source of individual values and development in understanding and analyzing self-image as the communicator.
  • Recognize nonverbal communication identifying body language, gesture, facial expression, and posture.
  • Apply effectively specific skills to improve assertiveness.
  • Define conflict/stress and identify steps in reaching a mutually acceptable decision.
  • Trace the development of relationships, identifying major steps of each level, and analyzing the progression of these levels.