THEA 225: Shakespeare Workshop

Credits 3
Studio Hours

A study of William Shakespeare's life, works, contemporary performance practices, and the Royal Shakespeare Company's current training and methods of bringing the Bard's work to life for modern audiences. The curriculum of this course is tailored to the Royal Shakespeare Company's Summer Season, and this course serves as mandatory preparation for the Windward CC Footholds Shakespeare Study Abroad program to London and Stratford-upon-Avon. May be repeated up to 6 credits.


Grade of C or better in THEA 260 and THEA 200B, or Instructor Permission.

Course Outcomes
  • Analyze Shakespeare's use of meter and poetry.
  • Replicate Shakespeare's Contemporary Performance Practices.
  • Deliver Shakespeare's Poetic Text with skillful use of iambic pentameter.
  • Perform Scenes and Monologues from some of Shakespeare's great roles.