Transfer of Credits from Other Institutions

Credits earned for courses taken at any of the public community colleges in Hawai‘i, or at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, UH West O‘ahu, and UH Hilo may be transferred to Windward Community College and applied to meet requirements of degree and certificate programs subject to the specific requirements in each program. Some credits, however, may be classified as electives if Windward Community College has no equivalent course.

Credits earned at a grade level of “D” (not D-) or better at other regionally accredited institutions either in Hawai‘i or another state or country may be transferable and applied to meet program requirements at Windward Community College. “CR” or similar “PASS” grades are acceptable if the awarding institution indicates the work is of “D” level or better. Counselors are available to discuss with students which credits are acceptable in transfer from other institutions. The College’s policy statement on the acceptance of transfer credits is available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Students must be aware, however, that transfer credits awarded are applicable to meet requirements of this College but may not necessarily be accepted by any other institution upon transfer of the student from Windward Community College to another college.

Students transferring to other institutions from Windward Community College should refer to that institution’s transfer information.