AG 170: Introduction to Aquaponics

Credits 4 Lab Hours 3 Lecture Hours 3

The course covers aquaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, sustainable aquatic feed production, renewable local seeding technologies and micronutrient supplementation, fish and plant physiology, renewable energy systems, water catchment and conservation techniques, and best aquaponic food safety practices. The basic physical and biological principles governing sustainable farm and agribusiness operations are emphasized.

Course Outcomes
  • Design and construct a basic aquaponic system that uses all three grow-out technologies (nutrient film technique, ebb and flow, and floating raft) either alone or in combination.
  • Apply best aquaculture practices for culturing fishes in an aquaponic setting.
  • Identify the water quality parameters and manage them in order to maximize fish, plant and microbial outputs in an aquaponic setting.
  • Use best agricultural practices for plant crop production in an aquaponic setting. Prepare seedlings for planting, harvest produce, stagger production of both plant and fish, and apply food safety procedures.