ANSC 153: Companion Animal Nursing and Nutrition

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
An introduction to the husbandry and medical care of companion animals. Topics include: safe animal handling techniques, medical records and obtaining patient information, nursing tasks such as bandaging, administering medications, and sample collection. This class also discusses nutritional requirements of dogs and cats in all life stages and toxic substances. This course is intended for students entering veterinary technology, veterinary assisting, or other animal-related fields.

Grade ā€œCā€ or better in ANSC 142 and in ANSC 142L.

Course Outcomes
  • Discuss energy and nutrient requirements for various life stages of companion animals and list substances that, when ingested, result in toxicity
  • Describe how animal anatomy and physiology are integrated with animal behavior; compare normal, abnormal, and aggressive animal behavior; and discuss low-stress animal handling techniques
  • Outline nursing procedures such as basic patient care and grooming, bandaging, sample collection, and administering medications and treatments