ANSC 261 : Anesthesiology and Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians

This course will focus on dental anatomy, common dental diseases, and basic dental procedures. Topics will include proper charting, routine periodontal care, anesthesia, patient monitoring, analgesia, post-op concerns, and homecare for clients. Dental equipment and instruments will be reviewed in preparation for the concurrent lab (ANSC 261L).


Admission in the Veterinary Technology Program and a grade of “C” or better in all completed ANSC courses


Co-registration in ANSC 261L.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain all aspects of anesthetic monitoring.
  • Understand the proper operation of anesthetic delivery equipment and monitoring instruments.
  • Understand and integrate all aspects of patient management for common dental procedures in companion animal species.
  • Identify and provide appropriate instruments, supplies and environment to maintain asepsis during dental procedures.
  • Understand the principles of routine dental care and be able to make recommendations to pet owners.
  • Recognize the levels of periodontal disease and how it affects a patient’s overall health.
  • Identify normal dental anatomy of common veterinary species.

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Lecture Hours: