ANSC 261L: Anesthesiology and Veterinary Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians Lab

Credits 2 Lab Hours 6

This course will focus on the clinical skills necessary for safe and effective anesthesia and dental prophylaxis of companion animal patients (dogs and cats). Skills such as intravenous catheter placement, endotracheal intubation, patient preparation and monitoring, and dental prophylaxis under general anesthesia will be stressed. The use and side effects of commonly used sedatives, analgesics and anesthetics will be covered. Postoperative procedures include patient monitoring and charting as well as client education for postoperative care.


Admission in the Veterinary Technology Program and a grade of ā€œCā€ or better in all completed ANSC courses


Co-registration in ANSC 261.

Course Outcomes
  • Safely and effectively manage patients during all phases of anesthetic procedures.
  • Safely and effectively select, operate and maintain anesthetic delivery equipment and monitoring instruments.
  • Safely and effectively operate and maintain dental equipment.
  • Understand and integrate all aspects of patient management for common dental procedures in companion animal species.
  • Identify and provide appropriate instruments, supplies and environment to maintain asepsis during dental procedures.