ANTH 175L : SuRF Culture Field Lab

Complements the lecture materials presented in the ANTH 175. Provides students with an understanding of surf culture in the Pacific Basin using O‘ahu as a model for understanding ancient and modern surfing culture in Hawai‘i. Field activities include surfing demonstrations and instruction, opportunities to speak with local cultural informants, and fieldtrips to various museums to learn about Hawai‘i’s surfing heritage. A coastal tour of O‘ahu will be made to study the history of several major surf breaks.


Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding and basic knowledge of environmental and cultural factors affecting the development of surfing in Polynesia, surfing’s integration into Hawaiian culture, its decline due to Western influence, and its revitalization as a modern recreational activity.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of anthropology as they apply to the creation and shaping of surfing culture, especially on O‘ahu.
  • Coherently address modern social and legal issues relating to surfing.

Course Details