BIOL 101 : Biology and Society

Historical development of scientific concepts, characteristics, and interaction of science and society from the perspective of biological sciences.


Credit in MATH 25, 26, 29, 82 or higher or equivalent preparation; and placement in ENG 100, or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes

  • Distinguish science as a way of knowing from other epistemological systems.
  • Discuss the historical development of the discipline of biology into what it is today, relating the contributions made by significant individuals and concepts of the past to modern biology.
  • Explain the major integrating principles of biology.
  • Explain the origin and organization of the diversity of life on Earth.
  • Describe how living systems function, relating structure to function, at all levels within the hierarchy of life from molecules to the biosphere.
  • Solve problems in inheritance and genetics.
  • Present informed, rational and objective opinions on biologically-related issues important to human society.
  • Use the scientific method of inquiry to investigate biological phenomena.
  • Apply the concepts learned to an experimental and hands-on observational setting.
  • Collect, reduce, and interpret biological data.
  • Prepare written objective reports describing and interpreting experimental and observational results.
  • Demonstrate the use of some of the standard tools and methods of the biological scientist, such as microscopes, scales, spectrophotometers, computers, dissection dichotomous keys, and other analytical tools.
  • Identify the major systematic groups to which specimens of living things belong.

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