BIOL 124L: Environment and Ecology Lab

Credits 1 Lab Hours 3

Companion laboratory class to BIOL 124, Environment and Ecology. This class, providing hands-on experience in the laboratory and in the field, enhances the student’s understanding of basic environmental science and ecological concepts presented in BIOL 124.


Credit for or registration in BIOL 124 or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Use the scientific method of inquiry to investigate environmental phenomena.
  • Apply the concepts learned in BIOL 124 to an experimental and hands-on observational setting.
  • Collect, reduce, and interpret biological data.
  • Prepare written objective reports describing and interpreting experimental and observational results.
  • Demonstrate the use of some of the standard tools of the environmental scientist, such as microscopes, scales, spectrophotometers, various environmental meters, and basic statistical procedures.
  • Apply the standard analytical procedures needed to study the environment, such as soil analyses, water quality determinations, stream bioassessments, and quantitative resource inventories.
  • Conduct experiments that evaluate how environmental factors affect living organisms.