BIOL 200L: Coral Reef Laboratory and Field Studies

Credits 1 Lab Hours 3

Laboratory and field studies of the biology, ecology, and geology of stony corals and the reef structures they build; companion course to BIOL 200.


Credit for or registration in BIOL 200 or consent of instructor

Course Outcomes
  • Use the scientific method of inquiry to investigate biological phenomena.
  • Apply the concepts learned in BIOL 200 to an experimental and hands-on observational setting.
  • Collect, reduce, and interpret biological data.
  • Prepare written objective reports describing and interpreting experimental and observational results.
  • Demonstrate the use of some of the standard tools of the biological scientist, such as microscopes, scales, spectrophotometers, computers, and other analytical tools.
  • Demonstrate the use of specialized tools and methods frequently used in the study of corals and coral reefs.