BLAW 200 : Legal Environment of Business

Introduction to the legal environment of business operations with particular attention to business law and ethics and to principles of law relating to contracts, agency, partnerships, and corporations.

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Course Outcomes

  • Summarize the American system of justice and jurisprudence, and its evolution, and effectively use its concepts, terminology, and procedures.
  • Explain how laws are made, implemented, interpreted and enforced by the three branches of government at the national, state and local levels.
  • Examine, explain and apply basic principles of law, including contracts, torts, real and personal property, business organizations, agency, employment, products and consumer protection, environmental law, and anti-trust, etc.
  • Discuss how business and legal disputes arise and are avoided and/or resolved, including informal processes and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Participate in ethical decision-making, taking into account various legal, business and ethical approaches, philosophies and codes.

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