CHEM 161L : General Chemistry I Lab

Laboratory experiments illustrating fundamental principles of chemistry.


Credit for or registration in CHEM 161.

Course Outcomes

  • Apply laboratory safety procedures and respond to hazards.
  • Use molecular and crystal models, perform common laboratory techniques competently and computer-based experiments to verify chemistry laws on stoichiometry, thermochemistry, behavior of gases and liquids.
  • Apply and articulate the scientific method by preparing lab reports using the standard scientific format. Express in writing core chemistry principles, results of experiments and do critical thinking by synthesizing conclusions based on observations and data.
  • Make and record precise measurements, calculate results using significant figures, standard deviations and identify sources of error in laboratory experiments.
  • Use computer competently, word-processing, spreadsheet and graphing.
  • Prepare chemical solutions, perform dilutions, calculate solution concentrations and generate a calibration curve.

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