CM 126: 3D Computer Graphics I

Credits 3
Studio Hours
This course explores introductory level conceptual and technical topics in 3D computer graphics. Autodesk Maya and related applications will be utilized to develop projects which integrate 3D modeling, UV layout, texture mapping, lighting, and rendering. (Cross-listed as ART 126)

A grade of C or better in ART 112 or consent of instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Develop 3D models and related art assets using introductory level technical skills, procedures, and production methodologies.
  • Employ the vocabulary of 3D computer graphics to define creative objectives and evaluate outcomes.
  • Apply knowledge of contemporary industry responses to 3D computer graphics in the development of 3D models and related art assets.
  • Apply knowledge of the theory, history and principles of design and animation in the creation of new media art.
  • Apply successful problem-solving skills utilizing industry standard applications, technologies, and techniques in the creative and technical production process.