HWST 135: Kālai Lā‘au: Hawaiian Woodwork and Wood Carving

Credits 3
Studio Hours
This is a Hawaiian cultural woodwork and wood carving project class. This class will involve the development of two to three introductory woodworking projects of Hawaiian cultural significance or ceremonial use. through this class the students will develop both the skills needed to work effectively and safely with wood, and the cultural knowledge important to the pieces developed. As a project class, there will be specific projects and themes set by the instructor of general Hawaiian cultural interest. Students will learn different aspects and solutions in carving and creating Hawaiian cultural projects.
Course Outcomes
  • Learn to plan and create wood working projects of Hawaiian cultural relevance or significance.
  • Gain a deeper insight into Hawaiian cultural use of wood.
  • Gain deeper understanding of the cultural significance of the wood-working project the student has undertaken.
  • Learn to work with wood in an effective and safe manner.