HWST 136: Kālai Lā‘au II: Advanced Techniques in Hawaiian Carving

Credits 3
Studio Hours
This is a Hawaiian cultural carving class that is a continuation of the themes and techniques learned in HWST 135 Kālai La‘au. Students will be required to complete at least one large piece and two highly finished smaller pieces. Students will be expected to have a basic understanding of carving upon entering the class and will spend their time fine tuning and working on a larger scale. through this class students will develop skills and techniques with more advanced tools needed to work effectively and safely with wood, bone, and/or stone, and students will acquire the cultural knowledge important to the pieces developed. Students will also learn how to make some of the tools required for use in the class.

Credit for HWST 135 with a grade of “B” or better, or consent of the instructor.

Course Outcomes
  • Students will plan and complete carving projects using advanced tools on wood, stone, and bone in an effective and safe manner.
  • Students will research and analyze Hawaiian cultural use of wood, bone, and stone.
  • Students will be able to design, forge and finish a tool for use in carving projects.