HWST 222: Ma‘awe No‘eau: Hawaiian Fiber Work

Credits 3
Studio Hours
This is a Hawaiian cultural fiber arts project class. This class will involve the development of three to four introductory fiber arts projects of Hawaiian cultural significance or ceremonial use. through this class students will learn how to procure the materials needed to complete various fiber arts projects, including learning related protocol and methods for gathering, understanding of Native Hawaiian gathering rights, and the type of environments in which specific materials grow and can be gathered, Students will develop the skills needed to work effectively and safely with various fiber arts materials on introductory projects, and students will learn the cultural knowledge important to the pieces created. As a project class, there will be specific projects and themes set by the instructor of general Hawaiian cultural interest.
Course Outcomes
  • Plan, create, and finish, in a safe and effective manner, fiber arts projects of Hawaiian cultural relevance or significance.
  • Explain issues and history of fiber material use in Hawaiian culture and, observing cultural protocols, apply these to gathering materials for a fiber arts project.