HWST 270: Hawaiian Mythology

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3

Survey of gods, ‘aumakua, kupua, mythical heroes, heroines, and their kinolau as the basis of traditional Hawaiian Metaphor. This course will investigate and analyze oral and written Hawaiian literary sources.


Credit for HWST 107 or HAW 102.

Course Outcomes
  • Analyze written and oral sources of Hawaiian moʻolelo.
  • Describe akua (deities), kupua (deities), ‘aumakua (ancestral family deities), and kanaka (humans) and their various forms from Hawaiian moʻolelo.
  • Analyze the relationship between Hawaiian moʻolelo (mythologies) and Hawaiian worldview, including Hawaiian cultural values and traditions.
  • Employ the terminology of literary and/or cultural analysis in the study of Hawaiian mo‘olelo.