HWST 275L: Wahi Pana: Mythology of the Hawaiian Landscape Field Lab

Credits 1
This field lab supports HWST 275. Together, they illuminate Hawaiian intelligence regarding the geographic features of these islands. The course highlights the Ko‘olau districts (Waimānalo to Waimea) or O‘ahu as a living classroom resource where the Wahi Pana (sacred places) and mythology of the landscape can be seen and appreciated. Students will explore connections between the social and natural sciences, and indigenous knowledge forms found in a Hawaiian worldview from observing their physical surroundings. Cross-cultural comparisons are made with the goal of bringing forth specific, physical information about important Hawaiian places.

Enrollment or credit in HWST 275 lecture component.

Course Outcomes
  • Students will examine the physical properties of the geographic landscape to identify their place in Hawaiian myths.
  • Students will observe the physical properties of the physical landscape and describe them from a Hawaiian worldview.