HIST 242: Civilizations of Asia II

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
A survey course focusing on the changes/development of the major civilizations of East Asia, South and Southeast Asia from the Sixteenth Century to the present. Particular emphasis placed on an analysis of representative Asian societies, the Asian response to the West, and Asian nationalism.
Course Outcomes
  • Identify important individuals and events in modern Asian history, i.e. demonstrate historical literacy.
  • Describe cause and effect relationships in history.
  • Order chronologically significant events in modern Asian history.
  • Describe modern Asian historical processes (e.g. human migration, disease, ecological imperialism, de-colonization, industrialization, nationalism, etc.).
  • Acquire a sense of historical perspective.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical concepts as they relate to historical issues and events in Asia during the past five centuries.