MUS 212: Polynesian Music

Credits 2 Lab Hours 2 Lecture Hours 1

Performance of Polynesian music for groups of various sizes. Exploration of basic principles, histories, and techniques for different Polynesian styles of music. Students learn to play while singing. Ability to read music is not required. Repeatable up to 6 credits. (1 hour lecture, 2 hour lecture/lab)


Grade of C or better in MUS 121Z, MUS 121F, MUS 121D, or MUS 211; or by instructor consent.

Course Outcomes
  • Discuss the music history and techniques of different Polynesian islands.
  • Demonstrate basic concepts, such as rhythm, notation, dynamics, and expression in accurate performances.
  • Perform songs from 3 different Polynesian Islands.
  • Demonstrate professional performance practices.