MUS 231C: Applied Music, Western (Piano)

Credits 1 6

This course provides individual instruction in piano performance, covering intermediate and advanced piano technique paced to an appropriate level for each student’s experience. Applied piano instruction is a performance class. The emphasis will be toward developing piano technique that has clarity, flexibility, dynamic intensity, and sensitivity of phrasing for expressive musicianship through increasingly more confident and skillful performances. Pedaling, theory, sight-reading, and learning/ practicing/ memorization/ performing techniques will also be covered. May be repeated up to 4 credits. (1 hour Individual Instruction)

Course Outcomes
  • Incorporate additional theoretical concepts in the performance of piano music.
  • Demonstrate musical concepts such as rhythm, notation, dynamics, and expression in accurate performance of selected repertoire
  • Sight read music with increasing accuracy and musicianship.
  • Learn and demonstrate professional performance practices