MUS 253: Elementary Music in Action

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
Deals with musical concepts, philosophy & pedagogy; the use of media, singing, movement, and instruments; and resources for an active elementary classroom. Presents correlation between music and brain development in early childhood. Intended for Education majors. Music is a vital stimulus to the developmental process and contributes to the emergence of positive self-esteem. Elementary education candidates learn to apply appropriate strategies in order to provide music making as part of everyday classroom activities.
Course Outcomes
  • Identify and write the basic components of Western music notation.
  • Apply basic theoretical components of Western music notation to written examples of music.
  • Notate and read basic rhythm and melodic patterns, both in simple and compound meters.
  • Apply basic knowledge of basic theoretical concepts to performance on various instruments.
  • Teach a mini model lesson, demonstrating a grade-appropriate musical concept.
  • Harmonize simple melodies.