OCN 101: Introduction to the Marine Option Program

Credits 1 Lecture Hours 1
This course provides an overview of statewide issues and organizations involved with ocean and freshwater activities, including management, education, research and business. It also provides an orientation to the Marine Option Program (MOP) and reviews the requirements of the MOP certificate. The course explores opportunities for internships, projects and careers related to water environments. The course will present guidelines on proposal writing, project implementation, data collection and interpretation, and final report preparation and presentation. This course is taught via HITS interactive television with participation of students and faculty throughout the UH system.
Course Outcomes
  • Develop a curriculum/program to facilitate the completion of a Marine Option Program (MOP) Certificate at Windward CC and other MOP campuses.
  • Describe the ocean and freshwater related activities that are being undertaken statewide and on other UH campuses.
  • Find information about statewide/nationwide/international projects, organizations, and career opportunities relating to marine and freshwater systems.
  • Find information about internship and scholarship opportunities relating to water environments.
  • Identify an appropriate MOP project topic.
  • Identify appropriate mentors and experts in the project area.
  • Complete a written MOP project proposal.
  • Prepare and deliver an oral presentation.