OCN 260: Pacific Surf Science and Technology

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
Pacific Surf Science and Technology is a lecture-based course that showcases scientific and industry aspects of the surfing world for surfers and non-surfers. The course takes a scientific approach to understanding the natural processes that create and influence Waves and surf conditions, while also introducing many ocean safety concepts relating to the environment and the popularity of ocean recreation. A weather and surf journal along with weekly campus field excursions dedicated to studying weather phenomena adds an essential experiential component to the course.
Course Outcomes
  • Discuss the basic principles of meteorology, oceanography, and geology as they apply to the creation and shaping of waves and surf.
  • Predict surf conditions using Internet web sites and local weather station reports.
  • Compare and contrast past and present surfboard technology and production.
  • Apply the principles of design, production, and retail marketing within surfing related industries.
  • Assess the various multimedia applications related to surfing.
  • Demonstrate water safety issues related to surfing.
  • Apply the basic techniques of surfing.
  • Maintain logs of weather and surf observations to use in future forecasts.