OCN 260L: O‘ahu Surf Science and Technology Lab

Credits 1 Lab Hours 3

OCN 260L is a field lab designed to run concurrently with OCN 260, Pacific Surf Science and Technology. The course presents the surfing world through laboratory and field activities, including surfing demonstrations and instruction, learning water safety techniques, studying board design at surfboard manufacturing shops, and speaking with local industry professionals. Meteorology and surf forecasting techniques are covered through on site weather observation activities, and physical processes involved in shaping waves as they approach a shoreline will be examined through several coastal studies.


Credit for or registration in OCN 260.

Course Outcomes
  • Distinguish between pre-historic, traditionally built papa he‘e nalu, historic-era, and modern surfboards.
  • Outline the procedures involved in surfboard production.
  • Operate safely a surfboard using the basic techniques of surfing.
  • Access information on and identify local weather phenomena and ocean/surf conditions around O‘ahu.
  • Describe at least five ocean and surf industries.
  • Identify wave-generating facilities.
  • Maintain a journal of surfing experiences.