SCI 210: Polynesian Voyaging: Seamanship and Stewardship

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3

This course focuses on the fundamentals of oceanic voyaging by blending the traditions of Polynesian culture, history and skills with modern science and technology. An interdisciplinary approach is used in treating topics in astronomy, navigation, geology, oceanography, meteorology and archaeology. Students are introduced to the basic skills of seamanship and stewardship, including the techniques in navigational wayfinding and the impact of human activity on the island environments. 

Course Outcomes
  • Describe the basic geography of Polynesia and its settlement as gleaned from archaeological findings.
  • Apply the fundamental concepts in modern positional astronomy and techniques of wayfinding (non-instrument navigation).
  • Discuss Polynesian mythology and cosmology, especially as related to voyaging.
  • Apply the basic concepts in geology and weather forecasting in the Pacific area.