ZOOL 154: Exercise for Wellness

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
The course will introduce students to the field of exercise, including a discussion of the underlying physiology, clinical responses, and the recommended medically related remediation. Exercise will be analyzed as an open energy system, supported by the major body systems, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, skeletal and neuromuscular systems. Important factors that will be considered include the frequency, intensity, type, and duration/time of exercise as well as the impact of gender, age, purpose, lifestyle and your body composition and metabolic status.
Course Outcomes
  • Define basic terms, concepts and principles of exercise, fitness, and wellness.
  • Describe the fundamental classification of exercise biology and its underlying processes.
  • Discuss the relationships between exercise and health.
  • Explain the specificity of exercise and its multiple modes of application and related responses.
  • Describe guidelines for assessing and planning a fitness- wellness program.
  • Contrast Western and Eastern approaches to wellness.