ZOOL 254: Exercise Therapy

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3
This course introduces selected concepts, principles and practices of physical activity that affect human wellness and fitness throughout all stages of life. In particular, the concepts of exercise specificity, adaptation, and remediation are presented as they affect human growth and development, and the aging process. The clinical concept of hypokinetic disease (under activity) is presented and its counterpart, clinical exercise therapy (Rx dosage) for purposes of preventative health application and remediation. Comparative study of both Western and Eastern exercise regimens are included in the context of their clinical contribution to wellness.
Course Outcomes
  • Define basic terms, concepts and principles of exercise, fitness, and wellness.
  • Describe the fundamental classification of exercise biology and its underlying processes.
  • Discuss the relationships between exercise and health.
  • Explain the specificity of exercise and its multiple modes of application and related responses.
  • Describe guidelines for assessing and planning a fitness-wellness program.
  • Comprehend the professional literature and correctly interpret and categorize new developments/approaches in the field.
  • Apply scientific logic to the selection and application of the many commercial products and procedures inundating the field.
  • Contrast Western and Eastern approaches to wellness.