Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies

The Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies is a 60-credit degree that is a foundational degree in Hawaiian knowledge and culture. The AA degree is patterned after Windward CC’s current liberal arts AA degree and is an option for students seeking an associate degree and subsequent entry into most baccalaureate programs at UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, and UH West O‘ahu. The degree is also a pathway for entrance into either UH Mānoa or UH Hilo Hawaiian Studies programs. The AAHS also provides students with qualifications that will be useful in the workforce where an understanding of the host culture or application of Hawaiian knowledge is desired.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate in Arts degree in Hawaiian studies, the student will be able to:

  • Describe aboriginal Hawaiian linguistic, cultural, historical, and political concepts
  • Apply aboriginal Hawaiian concepts, knowledge, and methods to the areas of science, humanities, arts, and social sciences—in academics and in other professional endeavors
  • Engage, articulate, and analyze topics relevant to the aboriginal Hawaiian community using college-level research and writing methods

Graduation Requirements: Oral Communication

Choose three (3) credits from the courses listed under OC on the Graduation Requirements page. 

Graduation Requirements: Writing Intensive (WI)

Required: A total of two courses. See Graduation Requirements page 

Graduation Requirements: Hawaiian Studies Requirements

  • Hawaiian Studies Core Requirements (6 credits)
  • Hawaiian Language Requirements (8 credits)
Item #
Subtotal Credits

Foundation Requirements: Written Communication (FW)

Item #
Subtotal Credits

Foundation Requirements: Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG)

Required: A total of six (6) credits; from two different groups


Note: GEOG 102 if taken at Windward CC Fall 2015 or later


Item #
Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Group A  +
Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Group B  +
Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Group C  +

Foundation Requirements: Quantitative Reasoning (FQ)

Required: A total of three (3) credits 

Item #
Quantitative Reasoning (FQ)  +

Diversification Requirements (18 credits)

Arts, Humanities and Literature (DA, DH, DL)

Required: A total of 6 credits selected from 2 groups

Natural Sciences (DB, DP, DY)

Required: A minimum of 6 credits with 3 credits from the biological science area (DB) and 3 credits from the physical science area (DP). In addition, the student must take a science laboratory/field trip course (DY).

Note: BIOL 101(4), BOT 205(4), 210(4), EE 211(4), and IS 201(2) fulfill both a lecture (DB or DP) and lab (DY) requirement simultaneously.

Social Sciences (DS)

Required: A total of 6 credits selected from 2 different subject areas.

Item #
Diversification: HWST Arts (DA)  +
Diversification: HWST Humanities (DH)  +
Diversification: HWST Literature (DL)  +
Diversification: Biological Sciences (DB)  +
Diversification: Physical Sciences (DP)  +
Diversification: Natural Sciences (DY)  +
Diversification: Social Sciences (DS)  +


Required: A total of 13 credits numbered 100 or above 

Total credits:




Associate in Arts

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